How Dermal Fillers Work

How To Find Out How Dermal Fillers Really Work

In the pursuit of youth, plastic surgery procedures have boomed exponentially over the last few decades. But, not everyone likes the idea of going under the knife, so to speak, in order to take a few years off their appearance – hence the prevalence of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are also referred to as soft-tissue fillers or injectable wrinkle fillers and are less intrusive than plastic surgery. Available in both synthetic and natural options, they are injected directly into the skin and can provide you with a younger look from anywhere between 3 months to several years. How are they able to do this? Read on to find out how dermal fillers work.

Firstly, dermal fillers are not suitable for every wrinkle or blemish you may want to get rid of. They are used to fill static wrinkles and lines, which come about due to the wearing-away of collagen and hyaluronic acid from your skin during your lifetime. As a result, most natural dermal fillers consist of these substances, while synthetic types contain man-made compounds.

How it actually works

The selected filler is injected directly into the wrinkle, fold or depression in your face. Some dermal fillers take a mere 30 minutes to apply and, depending on the substance used, you will see the effects right away, or over a period, as it spreads out and ‘inflates’ the wrinkle.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers act quickly as they replenish the loss of those skin nutrients. Additionally, hyaluronic acid skin fillers help to aid the production of more natural collagen in the skin, which is why they last longer (up to 18 months).

Synthetic fillers do not replace skin nutrients but simply fill up the sagging skin, causing it to look more plump and full. These dermal fillers may be applied in one sitting or over several different sessions, but their effects often last longer. However, the possibility of side effects increases with synthetic dermal fillers.

For dermal fillers to work, you have to decide on what type you want and what to expect. Only have dermal fillers applied by a professional and be prepared for any possible side effects.

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