What is SEO?

Depending on who you ask, you may get a variety of answers to the question ‘what is SEO’ but in layman terms, it is organizing content in a way that improves its search rankings. SEO stands for search engine optimization and relates to all search engines, including giants, Google, Bing and Yahoo.

While it is a simple concept, optimizing content for search engines requires a little bit of thought, especially if you want your pages to rank on the first page of Google Search. Google has modified its ranking algorithms over the years, which has made it harder for poorly written content to inundate the web, so one of the first rules of SEO is to write great content.

SEO works through how words are arranged in articles and other content placed on websites. The more logical and natural the content, the higher the chances that it will be easily found, viewed and shared by people browsing online. With more than 90% of online activities beginning with searches, certain keywords or phrases are repeated many times over by searchers. Search engines use algorithms to search for these terms in your website content but also use document layout, use of grammar and other variables to determine where your article will rank. In addition, links to or from your content can help to boost the SEO-friendliness of your web page.

Why SEO is important

If you are into online marketing, investing in a SEO content strategy can help to boost your online presence and possibly lead to higher conversions. It is also easier to measure your ROI using search analytics. Moreover, with many people having an aversion to online ads, SEO may be your best bet to reaching more people. In fact, studies show that 70-80% of internet users ignore paid ads and instead focus on organic results, which high quality SEO will reflect.

Paying attention to SEO when developing a content strategy is highly important if you’re going to offer products and services online. Knowing what SEO is and how to use it will help your web pages to perform better.

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